Skilled & Experienced

VETERGY candidates are highly trained and technically savvy in comparable, transferable disciplines and have demonstrated aptitude in the most demanding training system in the world. They are proven leaders in the face of adversity.

Globally Deployable

VETERGY candidates thrive in remote, physically challenging, and often dirty environments and are adapted to delivering exceptional performance during routine periods away from home. They are unrelenting in accomplishing the mission.

Consistent & Reliable

VETERGY candidates are well adapted to the structure and demand for precision human performance in high-reliability operations where mistakes can be life threatening, economically disastrous and environmentally catastrophic.

Screened & Certified

VETERGY candidates are refined through an on-line education management tool powered by SkillGRID®, the industry’s leading fit-for-purpose eLearning delivery solution. Candidates receive high-impact multimedia learning programs focused on foundational oilfield technology and are screened to select the top-performers.