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Operational Assessments

Framed around the Operational Juncture™, the Operational Assessment is a preemptive look into an organizations operating system to assess programs and continuity between people, equipment, the environment, tasking, information & communication and leadership. The assessment begins with an examination of systemic expectation including governance, procedures and programs that provide guidance on the design process and outcomes. By next observing the operation and outcomes including formal and informal interviews with people, a comparison can be used to identify gaps and develop intervention strategies.

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Human Factors Analysis

Investigating accidents, incidents, high-potential events and near-misses is basic to a learning organization. Incidents provide insight into the resilience of an operational system by auditing the transmission of error and the system’s response. Effective causal analysis becomes an exceptional tool for future prevention and resilience. Vetergy offers decades of experience in investigating incidents with a systematic and proven method for exposing human causation. Our exclusive methodology coupled with a detailed taxonomy of human factors upskills organizations in digging deep into the latent precursors to failure that have sweeping influence in the organization, which when correct have an equally broad increase in resilience.

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Incident Investigation Support

Business ethics, public perception and often regulators call for the use of an unbiased and independent assessment, particularly when there have been injuries or damage to the environment. Vetergy investigators are available to support investigation teams as members or as facilitators. Additionally, Vetergy can provide independent third party investigation when the situation warrants.

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Cultural Assessments

Resilience is born in the organizational culture where individuals feel supported and regarded. Teams operate with deep ownership of organizational values, recognize and respect the tension between productivity and protection, and seek to make right choices. Our cultural assessment and workshops help to measure and improve the cultural aspects of an organization’s tendency towards resilience.

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Leadership Development

Our programs are designed to deliver a top-down institutionalization of culture that produces a bottom-up emergence of resilience. Leadership is the cornerstone to operational resilience. No program will realize its full value without the commitment, resolve and example established by leadership from the very highest level to frontline supervisors were consistency, communication and trust must exist. Our leadership development programs use modern assessment tools to establish the baseline and configure the program. Drawing on proven methods, our leadership coaches deliver practical lessons in leadership through a methodology that uses instruction, coaching, evaluation and adjustment across our core leadership values and practices.

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Workforce Talent Services

Recruiting, training, assessing competency and retaining the right people is critical to operational resilience. Vetergy has its roots in translating veteran skill sets into industry, particularly in segments where risk is high, consequences of failure can be devastating and human reliability is paramount.

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