Our Strategy

In high reliability industries, error can have devastating consequences on people, operations and the environment. Research shows that 70 to 90 percent of mishaps and incidents are due to human error. There is substantial evidence to support that 100 percent of incidents involve some form of human factors.

Many operations plateau in performance and safety improvement. Modern approaches to safety programming rely on a scientific approach to human behavior without recognizing its limitations. Our solution is not to avoid human error, but to understand and accept its presence within organizational systems in order to prevent error from progressing into a system failure, incident or accident.

Investigation and training regarding the role of human factors is the most proactive tool we have in reducing incidents. The Vetergy Group is a provider of Human Factors Analysis and Classification (HFACS) services, helping organizations deploy tools for the investigation of human causes of accidents and develop customized training and prevention efforts. A broad human error framework, HFACS enters through the study of active failures to expose latent human failures, a major step in improving operational outcomes and performance. Our goal is help organizations develop the resiliency to recover from or adjust to change.

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