Facilitated Investigation Workshop

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The investigation Workshop is a 1-day practical exercise in the form of an incident investigation where the instructor serves as a member of the investigation team providing guidance where needed.

Students are given the “what, when and where” of a realistic incident to investigate and work as a team applying practical skills to:

  • Identify and collect evidence
  • Conduct analysis
  • Determine causal factors
  • Identify potential solutions

This facilitated workshop provides investigators with an opportunity to apply incident investigation and Human Factors Analysis methods, techniques and skills acquired during previous training.


This experiential training workshop gives the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and conduct a realistic incident investigation. By applying the skills learned in these courses, students will:

  • Form a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and principles of incident investigations and human factors analysis
  • Be comfortable, confident and proficient in applying knowledge and skills during real-life investigations
  • Produce thorough and meaningful investigation findings

What You Will Learn

At the completion of this course the student will:

  • Know the initial actions to take when investigating an incident
  • Know how to organize, plan and conduct an incident investigation
  • Know how to interview a witness
  • Know how to collect and organize evidence
  • Know how to identify and analyze an Operational Juncture®

Course Outline

The Workshop is a 1-day (8-hour) classroom training event in the form of a facilitated incident investigation. Students work in teams to plan, organize and conduct an investigation of a realistic incident. Student objectives from the workshop include:

  • Identifying the sequence of events that led to the incident
  • Identifying the immediate actions as well as the latent conditions that caused the incident
  • Identifying evidence and conducting a Human Factors Analysis that supports the findings of the investigation team
  • Identifying recommended solutions that prevents reoccurrence

Who Should Attend?

Incident investigation team members; safety professionals; operation supervisors; site foreman; investigation team leads

About The Instructors

Vetergy instructors are experienced military leaders, expert instructors and trained accident investigators with backgrounds in military and commercial aviation, nuclear power and special operations.

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