Fundamentals In Investigations

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Fundamentals in Incident Investigations provides investigators with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Conduct a thorough and effective incident investigation
  • Identify, collect and catalog relevant evidence to support analysis
  • Analyze collected data to determine causes of the incident
  • Effectively report findings


Incident investigations are an organization’s most immediate and effective resource available for identifying and correcting problems. Rarely, however, are “front-line” investigators provided formal training on basic fundamentals in incident investigations.

Key benefits of the Basics in Incident Investigations course include:

  • Providing your employees with consistent methods for investigating incidents which will result in more accurate and reliable analysis
  • Promoting efficient and reliable methods for collecting evidence
  • Promoting a culture that is more focused on finding out “Why?” as opposed to placing blame by looking for “Who?”

What You Will Learn

At the completion of this course the student will:

  • Know how to determine what types of incidents should be investigated
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of key players
  • Know the initial actions to take when investigating an incident
  • Know how to identify the different types of evidence as well as the attributes of each type
  • Know how to collect and organize evidence
  • Know the methods, techniques and best practices to consider when conducting an interview
  • Be familiar with basic methods for analyzing evidence to determine causal factors in an incident
  • Know the key components of an incident report

Course Outline

Fundamentals in Incident Investigations is an 8-hour classroom training course taught over the course of 1-day that covers the key components of an incident investigation.

Module 1: Investigation background

Touches on the purpose and challenges of conducting good investigation, and looks at tools and resources available

Module 2: Conducting the investigation

Introduces critical actions in the first 24 hours; types and sources of evidence; techniques, methods and best practices for interviewing witnesses; and methods for organizing evidence

Module 3: Conducting the analysis

Introduces the basics of cause-effect based root cause analysis and juncture analysis

Module 4: Identifying solutions

Introduces considerations for developing interventions

Module 5: Writing the report

Module 6: Practical Application / Case Study

Who Should Attend?

Incident investigation team members; safety professionals; operation supervisors; site foreman; investigation team leads

About The Instructors

Vetergy instructors are experienced military leaders, expert instructors and trained accident investigators with backgrounds in military and commercial aviation, nuclear power and special operations.

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