When organizations reach the limits of traditional root cause analysis processes and tools – Human Factors Analysis is the path to further improvement.

Vetergy is excited to be teaming up with Holly Energy to offer our HFACS training at their newly renovated facility in Dallas, Texas from Tuesday, May 22nd to Thursday, May 24th.

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This course introduces the fundamentals of analyzing human error in problem solving and incident investigations. It teaches investigators not only how to identify human error, but more importantly, to determine why the error was made. If we examine past incidents, it allows us to understand the factors that contributed to the incident occurring in the first place. Building on this information, we provide the tools to develop better safety strategies, instill accountability across your organization and make your processes more reliable.

What You Will Learn

Understand and apply:

  • The history and evolution of human factors analysis
  • The theory of human factors analysis as it relates to a system’s structure and performance
  • The five key principles to human factors analysis
  • The taxonomy of human factors
  • The different types and methods of gathering evidence critical to understanding human performance
  • The methods of conducting effective witness interviews
  • The methods to apply human factors during causal analysis
  • The four components of the Operational Juncture®
  • The methods for developing effective corrective actions

Who Should Attend?

Ideal for employees at all levels required to lead or participate in solving problems, performing root cause analysis or investigating incidents; safety professionals; operations supervisors; site foreman; quality assurance managers, investigation team leads

About Vetergy

Vetergy delivers insight, training, and program development for human factors analysis. Our system integrates easily with existing investigation programs and technologies. Or if it’s appropriate for your organization, we can help you establish a baseline program that incorporates human factors right from the start.